Vision & Mission

Corporate Vision

To be nationwide group of service company, working deligently to build a more successful.

To provide guaranteed quality service to our customers.

To be creative, flexible and proactive in out efforts.

To grow and prosper both as an organization and as business individual.

To listen and take into consideration the needs of industry and facilitate market access.

To maintain a close relationship with the surrounding community, so as to be sensitive and responsive for the industry impact.

Corporate Mission

Manmax mission is to be the best service provider for the increasing demand of industrial needs.

Listening to the needs of the industries, adapting to changes, providing quality services on time and at a competitive and reasonable price are our trademarks.

To give added importance for customer service issues as well as being proactively involve in finding solutions.

To offer out employees a conductive stable and an environmentally safer work place that approach has allowed us to grow to our present level and will ensure further growth in the future.